JUN 2022'_ Until next time .. love you and leave you, watch our Tasbeereh video here

JUN 2022'_ Tho3ban lyrics can be found here

JUN 2022'_ Tho3ban Album is out and available on all audio platforms here.
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JUN 2022'_ Song #2. Urtuwazi. Day, dusk, or night? Watch AI + Music here

JUN 2022'_ First song from Tho3ban is out, Watch Shakhs Al Da'em directed by Sandra Sayej here

MAY 2022'_ It could not have gotten any more independent than this

APR 2022'_ our robot is a painter, or our painter is a robot, that is the question

JAN 2022'_ spitting demos here and there

DEC 2021'_ just finished shooting a video, etkhaddeit? yes you should come here more often

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